I changed my mind on the purchase.

All sales, including Ready Stock and Preorder items are final and no refunds nor exchanges will be accepted due to change of mind. 

My BB is too big / too small. Can I get a different size?

We will gladly do a size exchange for first time buyers only. This will ensure you get the right fit for your next BB. It’s a lifelong love affair.

All you have to do is:

  1. Mail the jersey back to us within 14 days of receipt where products are in new, unworn and unwashed condition with original tags and packaging. Any exchange requests after 14 days will not be entertained
  2. Email us with your Order ID and size exchange request
  3. We will ship a brand new BB with your selected size to you

Take note that BB doesn’t hold many limited stocks. Our first time size exchange is subject to stock availability basis. In the event there is no stock for your selected size, we will give you store credit for your next BB purchase with us.

Also, please help us to take good care of the too big / too small BB. Ensure that the BB is still in perfect condition for its next owner.

The BB doesn’t look the same on the photo / website

Colour Accuracy

We’re living in a new world of Instagram filters, TikTok effects and Photoshop. What you see on your screen is bound to differ slightly from real life.

While Team BB does our very best to ensure our colours and designs represent the actual thing as accurately as possible, we simply can’t guarantee it. All mobile devices display and render colours very differently. As such, no refunds will be accepted for this reason.

The final product will be accurate to what you see on the product page on our official website. As such, any refund request citing discrepancies by referencing our Instagram, social media channels or third party photos other than the product page won’t be accepted as well.

Pattern & Design Variance

Please be aware that the intricate patterns and designs featured on our jerseys may experience slight variations when scaled to accommodate different sizes. This variation is a normal aspect of the production process and arises due to the technical challenges in maintaining the exact design proportions across a wide range of sizes.

Our design and manufacturing teams work diligently to ensure that the essence of the pattern is preserved in all sizes. However, due to the inherent complexities in scaling, there might be subtle differences in how the pattern appears on larger or smaller sizes compared to the reference photo on our website.

We understand that visual consistency is important, and we assure you that the overall aesthetic and quality of the jersey remains consistent across all sizes. As such, any minor variations between sizes is deemed normal and not considered a defect.

What about return shipping?

For first time buyers who would like a size exchange, we want you to be a happy BB, but we also appreciate your help to return the goodwill by bearing the return shipping charges to cover our team effort and administrative costs. Kindly use tracked shipping because we can’t be held responsible for parcels who get lost in transit.

For faulty BB or mistaken orders?

Your shipping is on us. We will gladly reimburse your shipping fees as store credit for your next purchase.

How long does it take to receive a refund / store credit?

Kindly allow Team BB to process your refund / store credit within 14 business days of receiving your request. Don’t worry, we will keep close in touch with you.

I didn’t get my BB from your official website. Can I still get a refund?

Our Super Simple Returns Policy is only valid for BB purchased from our official website at If you purchased it from our distributors or a third party, kindly refer back to their respective returns policy.

I need help with a special case.

Don’t fit into any of the above? No problem. Just email us with the details and we’ll get back to you.

A Love Note About Cycling Bibs & Shorts.

Cycling bibs will forever hold a special place in the hearts of cyclists because of how lovingly close they come to our delicate parts.

This is why due to hygiene and health reasons, our Bibs are not covered under this Super Simple Return Policy.

No exchange nor refund will be accepted. We love our BB, this is why we don’t want to put you guys in the grind together *wink wink*.

However, we are happy to give you a 20% off your next Bib purchase if your initial purchase is not a good match. Just pop us an email if you need help on this.