Visibility Is Power, Make Your Mark

Our purpose is to help cyclists to Stand Out & Be Seen on the road

A means to express themselves and command attention on the road. Empowering them to wear their identity on their sleeve, loud and proud. A catalyst and platform to elevate the cycling sport in this part of the world.

stand out & be seen
stand out & be seen
stand out & be seen
stand out & be seen
stand out & be seen
stand out & be seen

The Story Of You, Me, And Every Cyclist In The World

The BikeBaju story belongs to you and I. Every cyclist in this world. When the tarmac bites, it bites hard. As cyclists, we were all once there before. Vulnerable, broken, but spirits undeterred. 

The only difference between cyclists and other human beings is our extraordinary ability to always pick ourselves back up and rise to the occasion, again and again.

That's why the BikeBaju story is a story about you. The embodiment of strength and resilience even in the face of adversity.


BikeBaju is a cycling lifestyle brand born in the tropics, with designs that proudly showcase the vibrancy of our region. It is our pride and glory, an ode to our culture and cycling scene. Our unique DNA stems from the burning desire to break free from the traditional conventions of cycling aesthetics.

More than just an apparel brand, we’re the catalyst behind connecting nations, establishing lasting friendships and uniting people in our common love for the sport.


Yim Wai Hong

The Coffee Cyclist

A free-spirited man who has ridden bikes all his life, well before some newcomers were born (jokes). A retired “hardcore cyclist" turned "coffee rider". Probably can pick up his 200km stamina record if he tries hard enough. Right now, he's in it for the coffee, friendship and views more than anything else. Because inspiration matters as the creative lead of the brand.

Yahui Tan

The FOMO Enthusiast

Picked up cycling later in life due to FOMO and not wanting to miss out on all the fun. Forever clueless about the technical setup of her bike, yet undeniably in love with the feeling of wind on her face. Still clumsy on two heels but determined to be part of the sport to spearhead the brand’s strategic growth.

Yim Wai Soon

The Celebrity Captain

Our medical graduate Instagram superstar who struts our latest designs well before its launch. The man who founded Team BikeBaju, Malaysia's most loved cycling team. The man you need to speak with when you want sparks to fly. As the Directeur Sportif of Team BikeBaju and business development of the brand, he's the man of the hour, at the very heartbeat of the cycling industry.