Designed in Southeast Asia, Made For The World



Get ready to fall in love. Once you put on a BB masterpiece, there is no turning back.

One is never enough. Soon, you’ll find yourself deep in the quest to Stand Out & Be Seen. It’s an addiction, a lifestyle, a mantra you live by.

Simply because life’s too short to live boring. Live out loud and Be Bold!

Each design comes in limited runs because we believe in circular business practices and reducing excess in order to preserve the environment.

Be part of the wave sweeping across the world. Proudly wear your heritage with BB. Designed in Southeast Asia, made for the world.




  • Cycling fuels our blood.
  • Adrenaline is our addiction.
  • Our legs scream but we’ll never stop till we drop.
  • We’re cyclists and we love the pain & pleasure of our sport.
  • Why settle for less when you can stand out & be seen?

BB was founded by a passionate cyclist with a vision to change the world of cycling jersey attire. Long dominated by the aesthetics of European or Australian brands, we designed BB to bring out the vibrancy of the region where the brand was born. It is our pride and glory, an ode to our culture and cycling scene.

Gone are the days of minimalism and subtle colour blocks. Welcome to the new era of cycling apparel with BikeBaju. Wear your identity on your sleeve. Loud and proud. Nothing to hide.

Who we are

We Ride with Pride

BB is made for every cyclist in the world. Regardless if you’re a bike babe, bike boy, bike boss, BB is made for those who take pride in their sport.

We Ride with Pride

BB is made for every cyclist in the world. Regardless if you’re a bike babe, bike boy, bike boss, BB is made for those who take pride in their sport.


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    Wanna join the BikeBaju Brand Ambassador Program? Here are our Terms & Conditions.


    1. Filling up the Ambassador form is an expression of interest. It is not an automatic enrollment into the Program. Only selected participants will be contacted via email
    2. BB reserves the right to choose the Brand Ambassador based on our requirements
    3. BB reserves the right to decline applications if deemed not a good fit or if there are no more places available in the program
    4. BB will give preference to applicants who are:
      1. Existing customers of BB
      2. Accomplished sportsmen / sportswomen
      3. Influence within the cycling community
    5. Brand Ambassadors should ideally have a healthy social media following or significant impact within the sports community
    6. Brand Ambassadors are comfortable to represent BikeBaju as a brand advocate
    7. Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to produce BB related content in the form of photos, visuals and more in their social media profiles, linking back to the BB official website and social media channels
    8. Brand Ambassadors acknowledge that BB will reserve the rights to request for original, high-resolution content to be shared on the BB official website and social media channels for marketing purposes
    9. Brand Ambassadors agree to attend any of BB related rides, events or marketing activities upon request and subject to availability
    10. The Ambassador Program is not a binding agreement on exclusivity as a BB Brand Ambassador, unless explicitly expressed between the applicant and the brand

    Boundaries & Non-Disclosure

    1. Brand Ambassadors are expected to represent BB in a happy, friendly and positive manner in line with our brand persona
    2. Kindly refrain from doing anything that might harm or risk BB’s image and reputation
    3. While this Ambassador Program is non-binding on exclusivity, we appreciate our Brand Ambassadors to demonstrate goodwill and inform us in advance should they decide to partake in any direct or indirect competitor’s activities or similar programs
    4. Further to the above, depending on the level of involvement with the competitor, BB reserves the right to respectfully withdraw the Brand Ambassador’s status to avoid conflict of interest. Conversely, should the Brand Ambassador request a deeper level of involvement with BB, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and bound by a separate agreement
    5. Brand Ambassadors might be privy to firsthand information regarding BB’s sales, marketing and promotional initiatives during our initial planning stage. Kindly refrain from sharing with the public unless explicitly requested by BB. We will give the green light to our Brand Ambassadors to share publicly once all new promotions are confirmed to proceed
    6. Further to the above, Brand Ambassadors are expected not to disclose any of such information to external third parties, direct or indirect competitors that might jeopardize the business
    7. Brand Ambassadors should not be misconstrued as a sales agent or employee of BB. As such, kindly refrain from representing BB in that manner – ie. using BB logos on websites or building social media profiles using our brand assets to promote or sell our merchandise. All Brand Ambassador communication should link back to BB’s official website and social media channels
    8. BB reserves the rights to revoke the Brand Ambassador status should there be suspicion of misconduct, non-compliance, personal wrongdoing, unlawful acts or misrepresentation of our brand